San Diego Mini Travel Guide

I decided that for this blog post I’d write up a recap/mini travel guide to the most recent place I’ve visited: San Diego! ย I traveled to San Diego this past September and really liked it! It’s not somewhere I could see myself living, but I think it’s definitely worth a visit. In general, I realized that it’s a very chill city, completely different from the typical big city vibes you’d expect. The people were very friendly and down to earth which I loved. My family and I only stayed 3.5 days, with one of them being spent in Laguna Beach. We didn’t get a chance to see everything San Diego had to offer, but we did a lot for the time we had. Here are the things we did on our short but sweet trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sunset Cliffs Park: We landed in San Diego late afternoon so we decided to go to Sunset Cliffs and walk around till the sun set. You could say it was perfect timing lol. It was so pretty. I have never seen the sun that big and up close in my life. It was nice walking along the coast of the Pacific and just enjoying the views. There’s also a cute staircase that takes you down to the shore. The only thing I didn’t like was how windy it was.

  • La Jolla Area: There’s lots of things to do in La Jolla. We first went to the farmers market where I had the best acai bowl of my life thus far lol. Afterwards we went to La Jolla Beach and saw the infamous stinky sea lions (they were cute though so it’s ok). Also make sure to visit the cave store! It’s on the La Jolla beach coast. You just pay a small entrance fee and then get to walk down the stairs into the cave which sits on the ocean. It’s so pretty!

  • Downtown: I really liked San Diego’s downtown area! It was so clean and safe! Our hotel was in the downtown area. If I had to pick a part of San Diego to live in, it’d be here ๐Ÿ™‚ We explored their downtown and went to the cat cafe! It was my first time visiting one, and it was sooo much fun!!ย I was in crazy cat lady heaven. The Gaslamp Quarter is also worth a visit if you’re looking for some liveliness/a fun night out.

  • Balboa Park: Balboa is a beautiful, huge park. My mom, sister, and I walked a good couple miles from downtown to get to Balboa which we later regretted because it was SO hot that day. We walked around the park which has many things to offer like the zoo, arboretum, museums, landscapes, and cool buildings. If you’re a nature lover, this place is for you. Make sure to give yourself a lot of time to walk around since it’s huge.

  • Coronado Beach Hotel: This was my favorite part of the trip. My sister and I went to the famous Coronado Hotel and had a picnic on the beach. Looking back I’d skip the food part because the seagulls were really annoying and scary lol (A blanket is all you need). I recommend going during golden hour and then staying a little after the sunset. It was so beautiful, and the sunset was one of the prettiest I’ve seen.ย I really liked observing the different people there. You had elderly couples, young couples, children running around, all there enjoying a magical moment together. I felt like in that moment as the sun was setting we were all in a movie.ย I just loved the atmosphere of this place. It was breathtaking. I think it’s really nice that they let people visit the hotel/beach even if you aren’t a guest at the hotel. If you only get to visit one place in San Diego, make it this!

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