Elf Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser Review

Hey Guys! So today I’m going to be talking about the Elf “hydrating” gel melt cleanser. When I remove my makeup I normally like to use makeup wipes first, then go in with a cleanser, and finally a toner just to make sure I get all the makeup out from underneath my skin. When I first heard of gel cleansers I was really intrigued by the idea and just had to try it. You rub it all over your face and then activate it with water. It’s supposed to melt your makeup off and save you an extra step by combining the makeup wipe step and cleanser step into one. I love trying out new products so of course I went out and bought one. After trying it out a couple times I can 100% wholeheartedly say I HATE the Elf gel melt cleanser. There’s not many products I hate, but I really hate this one. Sorry in advance if you’ve tried this product and love it. It just didn’t work for me.

Before I get into the cons I want to talk about the pros. The price is reasonable ($10), and the packaging is cute. Ok that was it lol now I’ll tell you guys what I don’t like about it.

One of my biggest issues is that it doesn’t clean your face well. The first time I used it, it didn’t do a good job taking off my makeup. So the second time I decided to scoop out more product. It cleans better when you use a lot of product, but even then it leaves a lot of makeup on your face so I then have to go in using another cleanser which defeats the whole purpose of this. It’s also SO OILY. It’s supposed to hydrate your face, but all it did for me was leave an oily residue. Each time I’d have to wash my face with my other cleanser to get rid of the oil, and even then I could still feel it lingering on my skin.

I’m never going to repurchase this product. I don’t really see the point in using a gel cleanser and then still having to clean off my face afterwards with another product because this one can’t do the job. I also can’t get over the oily residue.

However, there are other gel cleansers that people rave about! Two of them being the Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse ($24) and the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm ($29.50). These two are obviously more than double the price of the Elf one, but get the job done. I haven’t tried them, but from what I’ve read and seen online everyone likes them. So if you’re wanting to try a gel melt cleanser I would go for one of these instead of the Elf version. The Pixi one is interesting because it’s half cleanser, half moisturizer. So if you are wanting a 2 in 1, I would go for the Pixi version. It’s also a little cheaper than the Clinique one.

I hope this helped you, and if there’s something you’d like me to review in the future please let me know 🙂

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