Arizona Travel Diary

I got back from Arizona last week, and I loved it! It was the first time I had visited the southwest United States (minus southern California if you count that). Arizona is such a unique state landscape wise. Southern Arizona and the Phoenix area are complete desert but as we drove north, we’d switch back and forth between driving through forests and desert. It was weird but so cool.

April 18-20:ย 

We stayed in Phoenix the first couple of days. My dad had his meeting to attend while my mom and I just relaxed. Our resort was in the suburbs of Phoenix so we just stayed in that area and relaxed at the resort. ย Phoenix seemed very similar to Dallas minus the desert and mountains.

I was obsessed with all the cacti lol


April 21:

We decided to rent a car and drive up to the Grand Canyon. As we drove north, we first stopped at Montezuma’s Castle (700 years old!). There’s a lot of history behind it, but I won’t get into all that. What’s nice about it is that it was on our way right off the highway! We then continued our drive and took a detour through Sedona, which was also on the way. Instead of staying on the main interstate we exited and took the scenic red rock byway. It is simply breath taking and you get the best views! ย I highly recommend it to anyone driving from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and vice versa to drive through/stop in Sedona! In Sedona, we hiked part of the bell rock pathway, saw cathedral rock, visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and ate lunch at Burger King (of course). I think we each took about a 100 pictures in Sedona. I definitely want to go back and do all the hikes this cool town has to offer. After that we continued on our way and drove through Flagstaff. I wish we could have stopped here, but we didn’t have much time. It looked like such a chill place! Lastly, we stopped in Williams to visit Bedrock!! It was a total surprise and not planned at all. My mom and I are obsessed with the Flintstones while my dad didn’t even know what we were talking about lol. But he was a champ and turned around for us. We finally made it to Tusayan, the little town by the Grand Canyon where we got some rest for the next full day ahead.

Bell Rock


Lunchtime lol


Chapel of the Holy Cross, completed in 1956. Stunning architecture, location, and views.


Chapel views


Church interior


My dad is a sneaky photographer.


Yabba Dabba Doo!


Meet the Flintstones


Dino & I






April 22:ย 

We had one day to explore the Grand Canyon and we did a pretty good job with so little time! We stayed in Tusayan which is the town near the south entrance of the canyon.ย We visited the south rim (said to have the best views) of the Canyon which is where most people visit.ย The canyon is so vast that you definitely need at least 5 days to see everything it has to offer. We only had a day though, so we made the most of it! After spending 10 hours in the park, we saw the main points and got to see the sunset at the end of it all.

My first look at the Grand Canyon was at “Grandview Point”. And grand it was.


Behind the scenes lol


I loved the cute mule deer. I’m kinda glad we didn’t run into any rattle snakes or mountain lions though.


I should have waited till after the ice cream selfie to eat my ice cream. sigh.


Hey there little guy


Desert View Point


Sunset at Yavapai Point

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